Neen Educator Pelvic Floor Exercise Indicator

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Neen Educator Pelvic Floor Exercise Indicator

This easy-to-use device acts as a visual aid by showing you if your muscles are contracting the way they should. Developed from the award-winning Neen Periform Probe, it helps you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, reducing your stress incontinence symptoms.

One of the main problems women experience when first attempting pelvic floor exercises is knowing whether they are doing them correctly. Many women think they are doing these exercises correctly when in fact they may not be. For pelvic floor exercises to help reduce the symptoms of urinary incontinence, it is vital these exercises are performed correctly.

Instructions for use

Simply attach the indicator wand to the body of the Educator and then insert the Educator into your vagina (similar to inserting a tampon). As you do your exercises and contract your muscles, the indicator wand will follow the internal walls of the vagina - if you contract your pelvic floor muscles and the indicator moves downward, you can be sure you're performing the exercises correctly. It's as simple as that!

Even if you can already do pelvic floor exercises, the Educator can assess your technique and monitor your improvement.

Important Do not use Educator if you are pregnant, during your period, if you have a prolapse or vaginal infection.

Simple to use | Helps strengthen pelvic floor muscles | Helps to ensure pelvic floor exercises are done correctly | Easy to monitor progress | Easy to clean

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