Neen Peritone Plus EMG Biofeedback Unit

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Neen Peritone Plus EMG Biofeedback Unit

What are your pelvic floor muscles doing during your exercises? Peritone gives you all the details when attached to the Periform+ or Anuform (supplied separately). This handheld device lets you know if you’re doing your exercises correctly, or if you’re not. So you can keep doing what’s right, and be sure that you don’t cause any muscular damage.

Instructions for use

When you contract your muscles, they emit a tiny electrical current. This current is picked up and displayed on the Peritone screen. With each contraction of your pelvic floor, you’ll see the LEDs light up on the screen. Relax your muscles, and the lights go out.

Your Peritone will help you to understand your pelvic floor muscles, see how they are improving in strength over a period of time and help motivate you to continue to do your exercises. If you are using the device under the guidance of a continence specialist it will allow them to monitor your improvement in between your appointments.

Important Do not use Peritone if you are pregnant, during your period, if you have a prolapse or vaginal infection.

Helps you to assess your progress | Use for home or clinic treatment | Store and record your statistics | Comes complete with patient and reference cables, battery, soft carry case and stand | Two-year warranty | For use with Periform+ or Anuform electrodes (not included)

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