TENA Skin Care & Cleansing Range

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TENA Skin Care & Cleansing Range

A specially designed range of cleansing and skin care products to complement the TENA continence-care range.

TENA Cellduk
A soft cellulose cloth for gentle care of fragile skin with excellent strength when wet. Simply pull out a cloth, moisten it with water and clean the chosen area. TENA Cellduk can be used as a wet towel for bed bathing. Measures 26x25cm.
Pack Size: 200 per pack. Case of 8 x 200 also available.

TENA Shampoo & Shower
A 2-in-1 product for hair and body cleansing. It comes in a handy pump dispenser. Simply apply to wet hair and body, rub gently and rinse off with water. TENA Shampoo & Shower leaves a pleasant fragrance. The gentle formula is ideal for sensitive skin and for frequent cleansing.
Size: 500ml. Case of 10 x 500ml also available.

TENA Soft Wipe
With excellent dry and wet strength and softness in one handy cloth, this is a wipe designed for effective cleansing of delicate skin. TENA Soft Wipe is a soft, strong cellulose wipe, highly absorbent and lint-free. Simply pull out a wipe and apply the chosen skincare product. Measures 32x30cm.
Pack size: 135 per pack. Case of 8 x 135 also available.

TENA Wash Cream
A 3-in-1 wash cream that cleanses, restores and protects even the most delicate skin. The same product as TENA Wash Mousse but in a cream format. Ideal for frequent cleansing of the whole body. TENA Wash Cream can be left on the skin.
Tube size: 250ml. Case of 10 x 250ml also available.
Pump pack size: 500ml. Case of 10 x 500ml also available.

TENA Wash Glove
Combines the gentleness of a cloth with the convenience of a glove. features a latex-free plastic lining for extra protection. Ideal for everyday personal hygiene.
Pack size: 175 per pack. Case of 6 x 175 also available.

TENA Wet Wipe
A soft and pre-moistened wet wipe for convenient, gentle skincare management, in a handy soft-pack dispenser for hygienic handling. TENA Wet Wipes are alcohol-free. They contain dimethicone, aloe, camomile and vitamin E, which are all important for skin health. Measures 29x22cm.
Pack size: 48 per pack. Case of 12 x 48 also available.

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