Invest in Life...

Thinking of investing in a Stairlift? There's never been a better time to talk to us!

A Stairlift can help you and your family regain full use of the home you love. Take the stress out of shopping and ask us for your free home survey which can be arranged quickly and easily, with no obligation. Alternatively head down to our showroom where we have a fully functioning test model for you to try.

Why should I get a Stairlift?

Stairlifts are designed to make your life easier - just like a washing machine or dishwasher! Installing one is a positive step to help improve your mobility.

Many medical conditions can affect your mobility, and a Stairlift can help to overcome this, making life that much easier.

• Arthritis • Heart conditions • Stroke • Emphysema • Cancer • Back problems • Posture • Multiple Sclerosis • Hypertension • Swollen ankles/feet

As an accredited Acorn Stairlifts partner, we can provide help and advice on the stairlift that's right for you.

FREE Quotation
FAST No-mess Installation
FRIENDLY Local Service
FULL Five-year Guarantee

Did you know..?

Stairlifts are fitted to the staircase, not the wall, so there's minimal mess and disruption, and no need for repairs or redecoration.

Stairlifts can be fitted to virtually any straight or curved staircase.

Stairlifts are battery powered, so you won't be stranded in a power cut. The batteries recharge automatically when the stairlift is not in use.

Stairlift rails can be fitted with hinges at the bottom so that they can be folded away if they cause an obstruction, e.g. to a doorway at the foot of the stairs.

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