Stairlifts can be life-changing

Stairlifts can be a huge help in getting up and down stairs in a safe and convenient way. They are incredibly safe and operate at a gentle speed.

Purchasing a stairlift is a big decision, so it’s worth asking all the questions you have and using a company you trust.


Acorn Stairlifts

As an accredited Acorn Stairlifts partner, we can give help and advice on the stairlift that's right for you. Benefits of Acorn stairlifts include:

FREE Quotation
FREE Quotation
FAST No-mess Installation
FAST Installation
12 Month Warranty
12 Month Warranty
ISO Compliant
ISO Compliant

The engineer will carry out a free survey – usually the very next day.
You will then receive a quotation setting out the best stairlift for your individual requirements.
If you decide to go ahead, the stairlift will be installed at a time convenient to you and with no mess.

To request a free, no obligation quotation, please call us on 0118 956 0800 or click the button below.

Straight and Curved Stairlifts

Acorn stairlifts come in straight and curved versions to suit whatever type of staircase you have.
New and reconditioned stairlifts are available to suit all budgets.
Straight stairlifts start at £1,700 while curved stairlifts cost from £3,700.

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Stairlifts Text 2
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Frequently Asked Questions

Won’t a stairlift damage my walls or look bad?
Stairlifts are fitted to the staircase, not the wall, so there's minimal mess and disruption,
and no need for repairs or redecoration. The seat itself
is slimline and conveniently folds away when not in use.

Will a stairlift fit my staircase?
A stairlift can be fitted to any staircase, even if you have more than one turn.
As long as there is enough space at the top and bottom of the staircase, it should fit fine.
Why not call us to arrange a free, no-obligation survey.

What if there’s a power cut?
Stairlifts are battery powered, so you won't be stranded in a power cut.
The batteries recharge automatically when the stairlift is not in use.

Will I fall off?
Our stairlifts come with a safety belt to strap you in safely.
They also have sensors, so it won’t move unless you are completely ready.
The smooth start/stop function ensures there are no sudden movements.
Lastly you can also use a remote control.

Aren't stairlifts expensive to run?
Stairlifts actually use very little electricity – just 1 or 2 pennies worth, depending on usage.

Call us on 0118 956 0800 or click the button above today to discuss your requirements or arrange your FREE home assessment.

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