Neptune Bathlift

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Neptune Bathlift

If getting in and out of the bath is taking more out of you than it should, the Neptune bath lift offers a simple, safe and great all-round solution. At the touch of a button, Neptune will lower you safely to the bottom of a warm, calming bath and will then raise you effortlessly back to the top again.

Neptune’s slimline, compact design enables it to be positioned at the very back of your bath to maximise leg space – ideal if you are tall or have a small bath. Combined with a seat that also goes low into the water, you can enjoy a great wash and a relaxing soak

Neptune’s sleek, modern style blends discreetly into any bathroom. Its high, contoured backrest offers increased comfort and support, along with freedom to move your arms when bathing.

Lightweight and compact, the Neptune is one of the lightest bath lifts available and can be easily split into 2 lighter sections for taking in and out of the bath. It curves neatly around your body for ease of carrying and fits into small corners for storage.

Fits virtually any bath - no complex or expensive adaptations required! Neptune is suitable for almost any style or shape of bath and attaches securely to your existing bath with 4 reassuringly large suction feet. Fits virtually any bath.

Safe and simple to use - don’t worry about electricity in your bathroom! Neptune is powered by a completely waterproof rechargeable battery hand control. This features large, easy-to-press buttons and a built-in monitoring system to indicate when recharging is needed.

Smooth, accessible surfaces and an open-based design make Neptune and the bath around it incredibly straightforward to clean.

Seat Width (Open) 73cm (29”)

Seat Width (Closed) 35cm (14”)

Max Seat Height 44cm (17”)

Min Seat Height 7cm (3”)

Overall Length Upright 58cm (23”)

Weight (excluding battery) 21lbs (9.5kg)

Maximum User Weight 25st (160kg)

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