Integrity Toilet Frame and Seat

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Integrity Toilet Frame and Seat

This Toilet Frame offers reliable support, enhancing users' confidence when sitting and standing, and alleviating strain.

Its adjustable height caters to various patient needs.

The seat is designed for easy attachment and removal with a simple clip-on/clip-off mechanism, and the partial cutaway allows for effortless personal cleansing.

Height Adjustment

The height of the frame can be adjusted by removing the e-clips from each leg and raising or lowering the frame to the desired level. Once the desired height is reached, reinsert the e-clips into the nearest holes in both tubes to lock the frame in position. Make sure all e-clips are fully inserted through both tubes.

Toilet Frame Specifications

Toilet Frame Specifications

Feature Specification
Toilet Seat Height 438mm – 585mm
Width between Arms 468mm
Toilet Seat Depth 419mm
Centre of Seat to Top of Arms 226mm
Footprint 530mm – 585mm x 529mm
Aperture 260mm x 230mm
Maximum Weight of User 190Kg (30 Stone)

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