Hallufix Bunion Aid

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Hallufix Bunion Aid

Hallux valgus, or bunion, is a deformity of the big toe which produces a painful swelling on the inside of the toe. It is a condition which frequently troubles many women even at a young age. Often, the deformity is viewed initially as merely a cosmetic problem, and the painful symptoms due to the developing arthritis frequently occur only in later years

Hallufix was developed by scientists and orthopaedists for pain relief and correction of big toe positioning. This dynamic day-and-night comfort splint corrects toe positioning, protects and relieves the painful bunion, and supports the entire foot while walking. The splint is easily put on and can be worn left or right.

Unlike traditional rigid hallux valgus night splints, the patented Hallufix system can be worn during the day under load, i.e. while walking. By means of an integrated joint next to the bunion, the natural flexibility of the base joint of the big toe is retained, while due to its flat design the splint fits smoothly into almost any walking shoe.

Hallufix offers protection and correction of feet affected by bunions at anytime and anywhere, and can be used preventatively for mild to medium hallux valgus as well as after a bunion operation.

Corrects positioning of the big toe during rest and while walking and standing | Supports the foot with every step | Suitable for preventative post-operative use | Shortens post-operative rehab time | Replacement strap kit available

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