Neo-G Ankle Support

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Neo-G Ankle Support

The Neo G Ankle Support is crafted to offer dynamic support and compression for the ankle complex during various activities, whether sporting or occupational.

This support aids in minimizing excessive plantarflexion, as well as inversion and eversion of the ankle, which are often linked with ligamentous injuries and ankle instability.

Constructed from durable neoprene with heat therapeutic properties, it effectively warms muscles and joints, providing relief from arthritic pain and chronic stiffness.

Simple to apply and use.

Materials: Neoprene, nylon, elastane, polyurethane, polyester, polypropylene.

Wash and Care: Remove metal splint before washing. Hand wash cold only. Do not use fabric softener, Dry flat, Do not tumble dry, Do not bleach, Do not iron, Store in a cool, dry place.


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