Handsteady Drinking Aid

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Handsteady Drinking Aid

Introducing the hand-steady cup. Designed for individuals with dexterity, strength, or tremor challenges. With a Rotatable Handle and Hidden Lid, offering unparalleled confidence and control while drinking.

Ideal for those with conditions like ALS, MS, Parkinson's, and more, hand-steady provides a new way to drink with ease and assurance. Whether during rehabilitation or daily use, it serves as both a feeder cup and for enjoying hot or cold beverages.

The innovative handle ensures stability and effortless tilting, allowing for comfortable drinking using the opposing hand and lips. With smooth movement, the handle adjusts to individual needs.

Additionally, the hidden lid prevents spills and keeps contents secure, featuring a small sip hole for controlled drinking. With a 250ml capacity, hand-steady offers practicality and functionality for everyday use.


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