Annabox 7 Days - Rainbow

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Annabox 7 Days - Rainbow

The dispenser comprises five compartments, with a larger one designated for morning medications, aligning with the typical medication schedule. This design is particularly beneficial for individuals with visual impairments, ensuring easy orientation. The semi-circle shaped boxes are not only simple to retrieve but also boast a large volume and are easy to clean. Each compartment features prominently printed labels specifying the day of the week and segments for morning, noon, evening, night, and as required.

The outer case is crafted for effortless detachment and replacement of dispensers, incorporating a design that prevents them from falling out when held upside down. Small bumps on the dispenser's back enhance grip, preventing accidental slips. A medication chart is affixed to the case's bottom, offering space for personalization with the individual's name, medication notes, and precise dosage timings.

A unique lid guiding mechanism streamlines the refilling and retrieval process, allowing lids to be easily slid aside or clicked open and closed as needed. The dispensers are strategically tilted within the case, enabling a quick visual check to determine whether a tablet has been taken or overlooked. The pill boxes are constructed from high-quality material and are dishwasher safe.

  • Weekly pill organizer helps you keep track of your medications

  • Each day has five section for taking pills at various times of day

  • Clearly labelled for easy identification of the days of the week and times of the day

  • Helpful pill box for users of all ages

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