Derby Half-Step

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Derby Half-Step

Introducing the Derby Half Step, a purpose-built solution to bridge the gap between ground level and higher doorsteps. This intelligently designed step offers users a safe and convenient intermediate platform, reducing the potential for accidental slips and falls. The step can be easily positioned in front of steep steps, providing a stable surface for confident maneuvering. Equipped with non-slip feet, this step adapts to uneven surfaces, ensuring stability both indoors and outdoors. Experience enhanced safety and peace of mind with the versatile Derby Half Step, designed to make your daily transitions easier and more secure.

  • The Derby Half Step serves as an intermediate step between ground level and high doorsteps.

  • It helps reduce the risk of accidental slips and falls by providing a stable platform.

  • Designed to be placed in front of steep steps for added safety during manoeuvring.

  • Non-slip feet ensure stability on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

  • The step's height can be adjusted to accommodate different thresholds

  • Provides a convenient solution for individuals with mobility challenges

  • Enhances safety and peace of mind during daily transitions

Length 15¾"

Width 29"

Height 4¼"

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