Heavy Duty Crook Handle Walking Stick

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Heavy Duty Crook Handle Walking Stick

Days Adjustable Walking Stick

These walking sticks help you walk independently. When using a stick, hold it opposite your weaker side. This lets you lean on it for support when when stepping with your weak side. You can hold it on the other side if your hand is injured or weak, or you prefer using your dominant hand. Walking sticks are ideal for people who need minimal support while walking including the elderly and people with disabilities or limited mobility.

Handle Style

The Crook handle resembles a shepherd's hook and might be called a tourist handle. It can be conveniently hung on your arm when not in use.

High Quality Materials

This adjustable walking stick is made from lightweight anodised aluminium. It has a moulded plastic handle, and non-slip rubber ferrule for safety during use. The walking stick is height adjustable from 740 - 990mm (29”-39"). Maximum User Weight 160kg / (25st)

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