Uccello Grip-Mat - Single

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Uccello Grip-Mat - Single

Discover the Uccello Grip Mat, a versatile and durable solution designed for individuals facing challenges with gripping or holding objects. With its non-slip design, this mat facilitates easy twisting of jar lids and ensures items stay securely in place on both dry and wet surfaces. Perfect for any kitchen, it enhances safety and convenience during cooking or meal preparation. Moreover, the mat serves as a reliable position locator for cups when pouring from the Uccello Kettle, guaranteeing a safe and effortless pour every time. Whether you're dealing with reduced strength, mobility, or dexterity, the Uccello Grip Mat is an invaluable tool, making daily tasks more manageable and enhancing overall ease in your routine.

High-quality and long-lasting non-slip mat

Grips on both dry and wet surfaces

Designed to assist those with reduced strength, mobility, and/or dexterity

Great position locator for cups when pouring from the Uccello Kettle

dishwasher safe up to 50 degrees

Colour: Black

Diameter: 14cm (5.5")

Thickness: 0.4mm

Easily cleaned


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