Uccello Kettle & Liquid Level Indicator

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Uccello Kettle & Liquid Level Indicator

The Uccello Kettle was specifically designed for those with limited reach, mobility, dexterity, and strength. Unlike other kettles and kettle-tippers, the circular shape of our Uccello Kettle, moves around the body of water to create a smooth effortless pour, so you don’t have to lift, strain or balance – simply tilt to pour!

The Uccello Kettle delivers hot water safely and steadily, every time.


The Uccello Liquid Level Indicator is a smart device designed for people with limited visibility, making pouring liquids into cups or mugs easy and safe. Using stainless-steel prongs, it senses liquid levels during pouring. As the liquid approaches the prongs, it gives a gentle alert through beeping and vibrations, reminding you to pour with caution. The signals intensify as the liquid rises, signalling when to stop pouring. This innovative tool empowers individuals with visual impairments to pour liquids independently, ensuring a controlled and mess-free experience.

Liquid Level Indicator

Colour: Black and Grey

Size: 55 x 30 x 25mm

Battery type: CR2032

Sound level: 93.8db (at 30mm)

Uccello Kettle

Kettle Materials

Polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer.

The entire Kettle body is BPA free.

Element and controls: Stainless steel

Technical Specifications

1.5 Litres capacity


1850-2200 Watts

220-240 Volts


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